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Emulsion Explosives Use Hollow Glass Microspheres

Product Name:
Product catalogue:Hollow Glass Microsphere
Package:25kg paper bags inner with PE bags or AS CUSTOMER REQUIER
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days
Export Markets:North America, South America, Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
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Emulsion Explosives Use Hollow Glass Microspheres

Hollow glass microsphere is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic material with hollow structure,and it is a versatile and high-performance new lightweight material developed in recent years. It will be the new composite materials at twenty-first century. Its true density is 0.20-0.60g/cm3 with 2-150μm in diameter. It owns features with light weight,large bulky, low thermal conductivity,high compressive strength,smoothly mobility etc.It can be used in paint and coatings,rubber,plastics,FRP, artificial stone, putty and other products as filler and weight-reducing agent.Because of its high compressive properties,it can be used to produce high-strength,low-density cement slurry and low-density drilling fluid in oil and gas extraction industry.
Its applications are in the fields of thermal insulation coating,putty,plastic casting polyester,FRP,SMC(BMC),radome,synthetic foam, adhesives, printed circuit board substrate, RTM, bowling, fan blades, & caulking materials, emulsion explosives,sealant,pipeline insulation materials, artificial marble, PVC, low density oil drilling, light cement, and other deep-sea buoy etc.
Emulsion Explosives Use Hollow Glass MicrospheresEmulsion Explosives Use Hollow Glass MicrospheresEmulsion Explosives Use Hollow Glass Microspheres
Storage and Handling
Store in dry, well ventilated and out of direct sunlight place.Have Waterproof Functions.Keep away from fire and heat.Stored apart with acids and not allowed mixed storage.With the suitable material for leakage in storage area.
Airtight operation and local exhaust.The operator should be treated professionally and observe instructions seriously. The operator is suggested to wear self-inhalation filter type dust mask, protective chemical safety glasses, and protective gloves.Avoid producing dust and get in touch with acids.Should be light when load and unload to avoid breakage of packages.Equipped with emergency treatment equipment to avoid leakage.
Packing Information
A Box(0.09m3):Each box inside diameter is 41.5cm*41.5cm*52cm.
B Box(0.125m3):Each box inside diameter is 50cm*50cm*50cm.
Bigbag Size:89cm*89cm*220cm,Pallet Size: 100 cm*100cm.
 Product A Box
B Box
H20 10 13 200
H25 12.5 15 300
H32 15 22 400
H40 20 28 500
H46 22 32 600
H60 30 40 800

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