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Electric Conductive Mica Powder

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Package:25kg paper bags inner with PE bags or AS CUSTOMER REQUIER
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Electric Conductive Mica Powder
Conductive Mica Powder
conducting material
Electric Conductive Mica Powder

Description:     Electric conductive mica powder is mainly used in

antistatic paint, antistatic adhesive and a wide range of other products as a conductive material, such as antistatic epoxy flooring paint, antistatic oil pot anticorrosion paint.

Particle Size Oil Absorption Stacking Density Color Powder Resistivity Thermal Stability Chemical Stability
20-40um 30-50 ml/100g <3.6 g/cm3 slight ≤40 Ωcm <800℃ Resistant to acid, alkali and organic dissolvent, without oxidization.

D-1, D-2 Direction for application:

1. Conduction mechanism Electric conductive powder is added in insulated resin uniformly and contact or approach each other to form reticular structure, which makes coating become electron channel. The relationship is showed in picture between resistivity of additive conductive coating and addition of conductive mica powder. Resistivity of coating changes slightly with addition of conductive powder, when volume fraction of conductive mica powder is VVt.

2. Electric conductive powder of kajet brand can disperse easily in resin, and approaches to improve dispersion are as follows: a. raise stirring speed.

3. Add dispersants to improve affinity between conductive powder and organic polymer. When it is used with other traditional colorant simultaneously, conductive powder should be added in with stirring after the latter disperses uniformly and is grinded. 4. We suggest using two or three rollers to grind, and the mesh size of roller must be 20um more than average grain size. Don't use ball grinder and bead mill.

Packing: 10kg/Box

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