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Polypropylene Fiber

Product Name:Polypropylene Fiber for Concrete, PP Fiber, Polypropylene Monofilament Fiber
Product catalogue:Concrete Fiber
Package:25kg paper bags inner with PE bags or AS CUSTOMER REQUIER
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days
Export Markets:North America, South America, Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
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Polypropylene Fiber

polypropylene fibers    advantage:

1.Prevention of the mortar’s contraction crack.

2.Improvement of the wall’s anti-shock and resistance to stripping.

3.Increasing of anti-permeability of wall.

4.Strengthen resistance to freezing and thawing.

5.Improve the ability of protection of reinforcement.

6.Prevent mud crack and crack propagation of mortar.

7.Substitute for steel mesh.

polypropylene fibers technical characters:

Product Name:
PP Mesh Fiber
Product Size:
Natural white
Melt Point:
≥160 ℃
Equivalent Dia:
Tensile Strength:
Elastic Modulus:
Crack elongation:
Water Absorbency:
Resistance to Acid,Alkali:
10kg/ pp bags (not plastic bag).
900g/plastic bag, 9kg/pp bags.
1000g/plastic bag, 10kg/pp bags.

1.Easy dispersion into mortar or concrete, and difficulty for cluster to make sure the full play of anti-cracking nature.

2.Convenient in use. put fiber into mortar mixture directly without changing the composition, then add into water to stir evenly

3.More conducive to ash-hanging.High fiber fineness and uniform distribution do good to hanging ash on, so as to improve the adhesive strength between plaster and base

4.Stable chemical performance, strong property in acid and alkali-resistance, fiber is applicable to any engineering.

polypropylene fibers  construction technology:

1.According to the volume for every time of the mixing concrete, in accordance with the requirements for mixture ratio (or suggested dosage) to correctly calculate every time fiber dosage.

2.After building stones of sand is ready, add the pp fiber. Recommend to use the forced mixer.

3.Add the pp fiber and aggregate into the mixer.But notice: fiber must been added between the aggregate,dry mixing 30s,add cement and water,wet mixture 30s, in order to make the fiber dispersed adequately.

4.Stir after the completion of the random sampling, such as fiber has evenly dispersed into monofilament, concrete can be put into use, if you still have bunch of fiber is extended mixing time 20-30 seconds, then concrete can be used.

5.Add fiber concrete with normal concrete construction and maintenance process is exactly the same.

pp  fiber    Recommended dosage:

Mortar: 0.9-1.2kg/cube


Sizes and packaging of pp concrete fiber  :

Basic size: 3-60mm

Basic package: 0.9kg/bag, or 1.0kg/film; out packed in pp woven bag

PS: customized production and package

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