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Product Name:Calcium Lignosulfonate CF-4
Product catalogue:Calcium Lignosulfonate
Package:25kg paper bags inner with PE bags or AS CUSTOMER REQUIER
Delivery Time:15 Days - 30Days
Export Markets:North America, South America, Eastern Europe,Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe
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Calcium Lignosulfonate is a multi-component polymer anionic surfactant, the appearance is light yellow to dark brown powder, with a strong dispersion, adhesion and chelating. It is usually from the black liquid of sulfite pulping, made by spray drying. This product is the dark brown free-flowing powder, soluble in water, chemical property stability, long-term sealed storage without decomposition.
Calcium Lignosulfonate CF-4
Appearance Dark Brown Powder
Solid Content ≥93%
Moisture ≤4.0%
Water Insolubles ≤1.5%
PH Value 10-12
Trade Name: Concrete Admixture/Water Reducing Admixture/Dispersant Agent/Industrial Grade Calcium Lignosulphonate/Lignosulfonate
Chemical Name: Lignosulfonicacid, sodium salt
CAS.No.: 8061-52-7
EINECS.No.: 23-25-059
Towards: Concrete, feed, fertilizer, pesticide, leather industry and so on.
Dosage: In the concrete, the dosage is 0.2 to 0.3%, recommended dosage is 0.25%.
1. Concrete admixture: Can be used as a water-reducing agent and applicable for projects such as culvert,dike,reservoirs,airports,expressways and so on. It also can be used as air entraining agent, retarder, early strength agent, anti-freezing agent and so on. It can improve the workability of the concrete, and improve project quality. It can inhibit slump loss when used in simmer, and is usually compounded with superplasticizers.
2. Wettable pesticide filler and emulsified dispersant; adhesive for fertilizer granulation and feed granulation
3. Coal water slurry additive
4. A dispersant, an adhesive and a water reducing and reinforcing agent for refractory materials and ceramic products, and improve finished product rate by 70 to 90 percent.
5. A water plugging agent for geology, oilfields, consolidated well walls and oil exploitation.
6. A scale remover and a circulating water quality stabilizer on boilers.
7. Sand preventing and sand fixing agents.
8. Used for electroplating and electrolysis, and can ensure that the coatings are uniform and have no tree-like patterns.
9. A tanning auxiliary in leather industry.
10. A flotation agent for ore dressing and an adhesive for mineral powder smelting.
11. Long-acting slow-release nitrogen fertilizer agent, a modified additive for high-efficiency slow-release compound fertilizers
12. A filler and a dispersant for vat dyes and disperse dyes, a diluent for acid dyes and so on.
13. A cathodal anti-contraction agents of lead-acid storage batteries and alkaline storage batteries, and can improve the low-temperature urgent discharge and service life of the batteries.
14. A feed additive, it can improve the food preference of animal and poultry, grain strength, reduce the amount of micro powder of feed, reduce rate of return, and reduce costs.

Package: 25kg plastic bags with PP liner. Alternative package may be available upon request.
Storage: Shelf-life time is 2 years if kept in cool, dried place. Test should be done after expiration.

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